Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank you!!

I want to say that I am very blessed, very blessed to have so many good examples in my life. You have taught me so much and you may not even know it. I should thank you all individually, but I want to do this one here. There have been so many countless times when people have unknowingly affected me in ways I am just beginning to understand. I feel the love of my family and friends. I am grateful for every word of advise given to me, every kind word of encouragement, very dear letter and note and email and message, and every outreaching from other people to make sure I am doing okay and pray for me. Even though some of you I may not talk to often or if I have seemed ungrateful I am very grateful to you. I will say that no person here has not affected me in some way. Whatever follies I have, which recently have been many, I am strengthened to know I have such backing and love behind me. I hope that I can right the wrongs I have done and reach out to others who need to be strengthened as well. I pray that my weaknesses may become my strengths.

I heart you,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to the Future

Here I am again, in Taiwan. I would say that it feels strange being back, but in a way it doesn't. I lived here for two years already. But I would have to say that I was sad to leave my home back in America. This time was really hard for me, probably because I am going to be facing unfamiliarity and I won't have any solid friends in Hsinchu, until I make them. Before when I was coming back to Taiwan, I came back to the same school, same kids, and same bosses, and a few familiar faces back in Fongyuan. This time, to be honest, I am a little scared, but excited. New school, new kids, new co-workers, new bosses, new apartment (living by myself), etc...the list goes on.

I had a great time at home with my family. For the first time I was really home sick (at home, too, which was weird). I didn't want to leave. I miss being around my brothers and sisters, being around my parents, and being around my nieces and nephews. I miss so much being here in Taiwan.

But I love Taiwan, so it will be great. Every new beginning is "scary" at first. The unknown always has some level of anxiety attending to it.

I landed in Taiwan this morning. I was glad to have slept through most of the flight! Now, I'm going to make my way over to Hsinchu to get into my new apartment and set up shop! ^_^

To infinity and beyond!

Oh yeah, the title...maybe that needs a little explanation. My future for the next year is here in Taiwan. I am back in my future at present, now. LOL!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Root Beeeeeer!

I found Root Beer here in Taiwan at Carrefore! I was so happy to find it. I had had Root Beer one time here before up in Taipei. That time I really didn't taste like Root Beer. There was also this time when we had Dad's Root Beer at Sue's BBQ! That was super delicious, but since that time I hadn't had a decent Root Beer.

So, after drinking some honest Root Beer that is readily available, I will buy it more often. Also I found it at the Gov't Store! Makes me sooooo soooo SOOOOO happy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Started a New Blog

I started a new blog today.
It is a daily blog.
It is called: The Day In One Word
Check it out if you like.

Some Signs I'm Still A Kid At Heart

So, I am going to write a blog. Here is the main idea; okay, I try to sound adult and that I know what I am doing in my life, but the truth of the matter is that I am still a kid at heart. I seem to be attracted to things that are, for the lack of the a better term, for kids. Allow me, let me, illustrate for both of our amusement!

Sign No. !:
Kitty Wallet

Sign No. %:
Key-chain With A Monkey & A Shoe

Sign No. !_!:
Water Bottle With A Plethora of Stickers

Sign No. &:
Pokemon Towel

Sign No. ^_^:
Puppy Dog & Cat Umbrella
(this one is kinda cheating as I bought it in 11th grade, which was 9 years ago!!!)

Sign No. #:
No Control Over the Urge to Buy Small Cute Stuffed Animals

Sign No. @:
Small Plastic Kitty Toy W/ Similar Desk Lamp
(both of these are kinda cheats, but what the hey)

Sign No. *:
Cute Solar-Powered Plastic Plants and Goes From Side to Side

Sign No. MONKEY!:
A Stuffed Monkey That I Sleep With Every Night



There we have it: I am still a kid at heart! Nothing more to say. I just enjoyed writing this blog.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Only Via Miracle

This week something strange has been happening! Prepare yourselves, especially those of you who know me and my sleeping habits. I usually go to bed late and wake up late. This semester and the two before it I decided to work mornings so I could have time in the evening. Well, for some strange reason, this past week I have been getting up early. Around 6 or 6:30am. Crazy, I know!

One morning, I woke up at 6:00am because all my other roommates were up. I think I heard Amy's alarm clock, woke up and decided to stay up. I did not do much, but I liked the free time that I had, so I decided to do it again. That next morning, I got up and even went to the store and made it make to the school by 7:00am. So unreal for me. I think I am finally realizing how much I like to get up early.

Last night, I made a schedule of list of things to do the next day, today.

This morning was the most insane morning of all. I woke up at 5:30am. I think it was probably because some one was calling me. I didn't get to answer it on time... I had set my alarm for 6:30, so waking up was crazy. Well, I woke up and dinked around on Facebook. Then I took a shower. When I got back, I was going to read, but then laid down, and easily fell asleep. So much for my list of things to do. Can't be perfect.

Well, yay, we'll see how long this new phase lasts...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Moth That (Probably) Would Be King

A tale of tragedy and intrigue. Of kindness and honor. I am hardly (probably because I am not looking sometimes) surprised anymore here in Taiwan, but today was one of those days in which I was...delightfully surprised!!

This morning in my KBR class during out trip to the bathroom and to drink water. The kids started pointing at something chatting amongst themselves. I walked over to find out what they were looking at. There precariously perched on the door was a moth! A medium sized light brown moth. The kids were all excited. It was beautiful, there was no denying it.

I decided that I was going to save it. I ran over to the little refrigerator in the secretaries area and grabbed a cap and then got a piece of paper to go save the moth. I went back to the door and pushed through the crowd of children. I put the paper cup over the moth and then slid the paper underneath. I unwittingly, while sliding the paper under, ripped off the wings of the moth.

I took the moth outside and upon entering the kids all asked: Where is the moth? I said: it is outside! and then I had to admit to them that I had killed it! :( They all wanted to go outside to look at the moth. I told them to line up.

I went about my business feeling sorry about the moth, but didn't think they would be anything else. I look over and the kids are standing near the door with the hands held together and they were bowing. They were praying over the moth in unison. They were doing "bai bai" for the moth. I asked them what they were doing and they replied: We are helping the "butterfly"!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spell Checker and Grammar Checker

I found this great spell checker and grammar checker. It is great!!! It is good. You just copy and paste text into it and wham-O! You can get a thesaurus as well!

Here it is...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Ershuei & Life...

Happy Chinese New Year...even though I am very late in saying it! I spent two days in Haulien and seeing Toroko Gorge. It was breath-taking and I am so glad I went. Then I spent three days in Taipei and I even cooked dinner for Steve. It was quite yummy. I tried spaghetti. The tomato sauce I made from scratch with tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, and garlic, and salt of course. I had bought these fresh noodles which I hoped foolishly would be like spaghetti noodles...they totally weren't and they were disgusting! So Steve cooked rice. On Wednesday I went to Jiufen with Kelly and Sunny. It was raining heavily the entire time, but it was enjoyable. Steve was not able to come because his leg is still in pain and he cannot walk on it very much. The bones need to heal he said.

Then on Thursday I came back to Taichung and registered for classes. Taught on Friday (we had to come back for one day) and then spent a pretty relaxing weekend around here. On Sunday, Amy, Brandon and I went to Ershuei to see the monkeys. The last time I was there and actually saw monkeys was about 9-10 months ago with Connie. I kept remembering those good times. But I needed to see monkeys again. I wish we had had time to go biking like when Connie and I went, but we had to make it in time for church. Amy had to be back to teach primary and I had decided to go that day. It was sort of in exchange for her coming to see the monkeys, but in that I didn't really have to twist her arm to come.

This weekend was really nice to relax and I hope to relax again this coming weekend. As yet, I don't have any plans to go up to Taipei. Probably just chill here and kick it with my hommies. Get some organizing done, study Chinese, etc...

Well, I am just happy this post isn't about me staying longer in Taiwan, although I am doing that as well.... HA HA...(still need to figure out the plans for when this contact is up...) I've got to get on that.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Needles and Syringes

Oh what a place!? Today I was in Taipei and was doing a little shopping for my boyfriend who recently got into a bad scooter accident. I walked into a drug store and was perusing the items next to window. I saw Syringes sitting there on the shelf and I thought okay, that is a little unusual but oh well. But then next I saw the needles. I thought no way! There they were. I guess any person can buy them. Cool. That is all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Titled 'Untitled'

Dear Reader,

Whoever you are, I would like to wish you a happy new year! It is believably unbelievable that it is 2010 already. What was I doing ten years ago. 2000. Well, I wasn't freakin' out about the Y2K bug. Place in the world/universe: Richland, Washington. Age: a holy-cow young age of 15! High School: Hanford High School. Grade: 10th grade. Yay! Oh wow, somehow ten years seems like forever ago and get it seems like yesterday. Was I really that different of a person? What did I look like? Younger, yes. More dedicated to studying 'stuff' and working hard? Yes! More serious-minded? Yes, in that I wanted to be a grown up. Now I find myself wanting to be a kid again. Well wanting to be a kind in the sense that I wouldn't have to worry about adult stuff and issues. Like maintaining my livelihood and other stuff like that.

Where am I today? It is now January 2010! I am living in Taiwan teaching English. It would seem that many things have changed for me. But somethings have remained the same. Like my name. It is still Erin Kathleen Shaw. In my family, we've had many additions. My two oldest brothers are married and have kids. My only sister and one-step-above-me brother are out of my parents house. And my youngest brother is now in his first year of college. Back then he was in elementary school or middle school--I cannot remember! Oh well.

Well, it is certain that ten years have passed. In 2000 my mom and dad worked for the US Census Bureau and I thought that would be a cool 'seasonal' job and even told myself I wanted to work there in 2010. I am glad I am teaching instead of doing that although it might've been really interesting.

This year I was home for the change of the new year. I was with my oldest brother and his family in Utah, USA! It didn't seem all that miraculous. Then I come back here to Taiwan. Get here on the birthday and start the party again the next day. The party being teaching. I like my new classes.

I miss my friend Connie being here. That is a really new change. More than the changed from 2009 to 2010--I mean she not being here is more of a change for me that the silly new year. I miss having her around. I have other friends, but not a good girl friend around me. Connie you are missed.

Who knows where I will be in 10 more years. Maybe my last name will change. Maybe I will not live in Taiwan. Well, to put it, it is very unlikely that I will be in Taiwan in 10 years. I love Taiwan, but don't want to stay here forever. But for now it is good. My boyfriend lives here and that is good.

Well reader, happy new year!