Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank you!!

I want to say that I am very blessed, very blessed to have so many good examples in my life. You have taught me so much and you may not even know it. I should thank you all individually, but I want to do this one here. There have been so many countless times when people have unknowingly affected me in ways I am just beginning to understand. I feel the love of my family and friends. I am grateful for every word of advise given to me, every kind word of encouragement, very dear letter and note and email and message, and every outreaching from other people to make sure I am doing okay and pray for me. Even though some of you I may not talk to often or if I have seemed ungrateful I am very grateful to you. I will say that no person here has not affected me in some way. Whatever follies I have, which recently have been many, I am strengthened to know I have such backing and love behind me. I hope that I can right the wrongs I have done and reach out to others who need to be strengthened as well. I pray that my weaknesses may become my strengths.

I heart you,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to the Future

Here I am again, in Taiwan. I would say that it feels strange being back, but in a way it doesn't. I lived here for two years already. But I would have to say that I was sad to leave my home back in America. This time was really hard for me, probably because I am going to be facing unfamiliarity and I won't have any solid friends in Hsinchu, until I make them. Before when I was coming back to Taiwan, I came back to the same school, same kids, and same bosses, and a few familiar faces back in Fongyuan. This time, to be honest, I am a little scared, but excited. New school, new kids, new co-workers, new bosses, new apartment (living by myself), etc...the list goes on.

I had a great time at home with my family. For the first time I was really home sick (at home, too, which was weird). I didn't want to leave. I miss being around my brothers and sisters, being around my parents, and being around my nieces and nephews. I miss so much being here in Taiwan.

But I love Taiwan, so it will be great. Every new beginning is "scary" at first. The unknown always has some level of anxiety attending to it.

I landed in Taiwan this morning. I was glad to have slept through most of the flight! Now, I'm going to make my way over to Hsinchu to get into my new apartment and set up shop! ^_^

To infinity and beyond!

Oh yeah, the title...maybe that needs a little explanation. My future for the next year is here in Taiwan. I am back in my future at present, now. LOL!