Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rest In Peace

Tonight Connie and I went to go bury the little turtle that died the other day. I cannot believe that he sat out in his bowl for two days and no one wanted to bury him. So sad. The persons that owned him didn't even bother. They probably would have gotten gotten around it, but we decided to do it tonight.

It is a wanton lack of care before and after death that makes me upset. I told them he might have a fungus, and nothing happened. I am not sure where one would find the right chemical to treat it, but at least they could have cleaned the water more often and not let egg and other food decay in the water for three days before it was cleaned.

So, we took Little Dude to the park and we buried him. We put him in a plastic bag and rode our bikes in the middle of the night. We arrived and picked out a nice place to put him to rest. We choose the pond with Coy fish and dug a small hole to place him in. It was a nice spot, very peaceful and off the beaten path. After covering it back up, we said that he would finally RIP. We then headed over the fountain and threw $1 coins in as an offering.

So, if you wonder where he is...he is now resting in peace.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Chinese Language Learning

I just created another blog that deals with learning Chinese. I put up websites that I find helpful to that end. So check it out and hopefully it can help you. I just put up a post for learning Chinese numbers. Some really good stuff.

Oh yeah, the link to that blog is under 'Other Blogs of Note".

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What are you doing here?

A few us teachers went out to eat. After we were done Megan I am headed to the 24-Hour grocery store while the others left to go home.

We did our shopping. I checked out, but Megan was still up at the counter so I went to go put my drinks in the basket of the bike. I got on my bike. I saw two people pull up on scooter. I looked at the female driver and her hair was really light, so I knew she couldn't have have been Taiwanese. She turned around; I realised she was white and probably American. What followed next was hilarious. I will even give a duologue:

*girl and boy on motorbike enter stage right

[Erin] Hello, how are you?
[girl] I am well, how are you?
[Erin] What are you doing here?
[girl] umm...teaching English
[Erin] Oh yeah, me too! what school?
[girl] The Hess School.
[Erin] Oh yes, our rival school!
[girl] You are our rival school?....
[Erin] Just kidding! *oh shoot...I guess I shouldn't have said that...*

*Enter Megan.

[Erin] Hey Megan, these people teach English here!
[Megan] Hi, I am Megan.
[girl] I'm (insert name here....cause I cannot remember)
[boy] I'm (insert name here...again I don't remember)
[Erin] I'm Erin

*All shake hands.

[Erin] Megan they teach at the Hess School.

*Girl points to boy.

[boy] I teach at another school.

[everyone] (lots of dialogue I cannot remember)

[Megan] (something said about what they do for fun and should have led to conversation of getting together because after all they speak English...makes sense, right?)

[girl] I am sure we will see each other soon, Feng Yuan is pretty small. (basically, we don't care if we bump into you guys again...especially Erin, she is pretty weird)

[girl] I am sure we will run into each other again.

[Megan & Erin] Bye, have a good night!

*exit girl and boy

*Erin laughs to herself

*Megan and Erin ride near stage left on their bikes

[Erin] Megan, I think they wanted to get away from us!

[Megan] I got that vibe, too.

[Erin] I was too excited that they spoke English! But I don't think they really want to hang out with us. It seems like they are couple and they don't need other English speaker's company

[Megan] Yeah....

*Exit stage left


I just thought it was so funny that I acted like I knew them! "What are you doing here?" LOL. Funny funny. I am on something tonight! Love it!