Friday, October 30, 2009

This month I am going to embark on a journey into novel-hood. I have started novel or even one play, but I have never finished one. That is why I was so excited that someone posted this link: on Facebook. After reading it, I was so happy and excited to participate. It seems like the perfect opportunity, WOW!

I am going start tomorrow here in Taiwan. I just hope that I can keep up to par on the word count. IN the end the qualify as a winner, you have to reach 50,000 words. I am just glad those words are not an essay I have to write, rather it is a novel.

I have the Title and the basics planned out. It is called: Dying Blue or the Bird that Mocks. That is the whole title...seems kinda long and it seems like I am still trying to decide between two title, but it is really one.

I hope I can keep up the word count. It is about 1,700 words a day! I will need a lot of follow through on this one. So if I am spouting poetic or you never see me, you know why. (I guess that last comment is just for the people I live with and my friends in Taiwan)...

Well, if anyone else is interested, please check out this website: