Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Ershuei & Life...

Happy Chinese New Year...even though I am very late in saying it! I spent two days in Haulien and seeing Toroko Gorge. It was breath-taking and I am so glad I went. Then I spent three days in Taipei and I even cooked dinner for Steve. It was quite yummy. I tried spaghetti. The tomato sauce I made from scratch with tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, and garlic, and salt of course. I had bought these fresh noodles which I hoped foolishly would be like spaghetti noodles...they totally weren't and they were disgusting! So Steve cooked rice. On Wednesday I went to Jiufen with Kelly and Sunny. It was raining heavily the entire time, but it was enjoyable. Steve was not able to come because his leg is still in pain and he cannot walk on it very much. The bones need to heal he said.

Then on Thursday I came back to Taichung and registered for classes. Taught on Friday (we had to come back for one day) and then spent a pretty relaxing weekend around here. On Sunday, Amy, Brandon and I went to Ershuei to see the monkeys. The last time I was there and actually saw monkeys was about 9-10 months ago with Connie. I kept remembering those good times. But I needed to see monkeys again. I wish we had had time to go biking like when Connie and I went, but we had to make it in time for church. Amy had to be back to teach primary and I had decided to go that day. It was sort of in exchange for her coming to see the monkeys, but in that I didn't really have to twist her arm to come.

This weekend was really nice to relax and I hope to relax again this coming weekend. As yet, I don't have any plans to go up to Taipei. Probably just chill here and kick it with my hommies. Get some organizing done, study Chinese, etc...

Well, I am just happy this post isn't about me staying longer in Taiwan, although I am doing that as well.... HA HA...(still need to figure out the plans for when this contact is up...) I've got to get on that.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!