Friday, January 29, 2010

Needles and Syringes

Oh what a place!? Today I was in Taipei and was doing a little shopping for my boyfriend who recently got into a bad scooter accident. I walked into a drug store and was perusing the items next to window. I saw Syringes sitting there on the shelf and I thought okay, that is a little unusual but oh well. But then next I saw the needles. I thought no way! There they were. I guess any person can buy them. Cool. That is all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Titled 'Untitled'

Dear Reader,

Whoever you are, I would like to wish you a happy new year! It is believably unbelievable that it is 2010 already. What was I doing ten years ago. 2000. Well, I wasn't freakin' out about the Y2K bug. Place in the world/universe: Richland, Washington. Age: a holy-cow young age of 15! High School: Hanford High School. Grade: 10th grade. Yay! Oh wow, somehow ten years seems like forever ago and get it seems like yesterday. Was I really that different of a person? What did I look like? Younger, yes. More dedicated to studying 'stuff' and working hard? Yes! More serious-minded? Yes, in that I wanted to be a grown up. Now I find myself wanting to be a kid again. Well wanting to be a kind in the sense that I wouldn't have to worry about adult stuff and issues. Like maintaining my livelihood and other stuff like that.

Where am I today? It is now January 2010! I am living in Taiwan teaching English. It would seem that many things have changed for me. But somethings have remained the same. Like my name. It is still Erin Kathleen Shaw. In my family, we've had many additions. My two oldest brothers are married and have kids. My only sister and one-step-above-me brother are out of my parents house. And my youngest brother is now in his first year of college. Back then he was in elementary school or middle school--I cannot remember! Oh well.

Well, it is certain that ten years have passed. In 2000 my mom and dad worked for the US Census Bureau and I thought that would be a cool 'seasonal' job and even told myself I wanted to work there in 2010. I am glad I am teaching instead of doing that although it might've been really interesting.

This year I was home for the change of the new year. I was with my oldest brother and his family in Utah, USA! It didn't seem all that miraculous. Then I come back here to Taiwan. Get here on the birthday and start the party again the next day. The party being teaching. I like my new classes.

I miss my friend Connie being here. That is a really new change. More than the changed from 2009 to 2010--I mean she not being here is more of a change for me that the silly new year. I miss having her around. I have other friends, but not a good girl friend around me. Connie you are missed.

Who knows where I will be in 10 more years. Maybe my last name will change. Maybe I will not live in Taiwan. Well, to put it, it is very unlikely that I will be in Taiwan in 10 years. I love Taiwan, but don't want to stay here forever. But for now it is good. My boyfriend lives here and that is good.

Well reader, happy new year!