Sunday, November 16, 2008

Conflict of Interests

As you all know, I am staying here in Taiwan another six months. Before I had made this decisions, I made the opposite one: of going home. Whenever, I would think about decision, I was so totally torn. If I stayed I would get to hang with Connie, who is pretty dang awesome; have financially security and a job; feel more accomplished; and learn Chinese.

If I left for home I would be able to see my family and friends again, start dating, get home for my birthday, and be able to understand the language. Each option was pulling on me. I would wake up one morning and be okay with the decision. I would wake up another morning and feel totally horrible about the decision.

This was a month or more ago. Then one morning, I decided this decision was not the right one! I walked downstairs to talk to my boss Gerald, who I had told on Monday that I wasn't going to stay, that I wanted to stay. I asked him if I could sign my contract. He agreed. After signing it, I walked upstairs with the most incredible feeling of excitement and relief. I was giddy and overjoyed. Into the kitchen I went where Jessica was sitting chatting with another teacher.

"Guess what?"
"What?" was the reply.
"I just signed my contract. I am staying for another 6 months!!"

I feel so good about this decision. I haven't looked back on that decision with regret ever since I made it! It is the right thing and I feel it most profoundly. Now, I can visit for places in Taiwan, learn more Chinese, have a job, etc... And the best part is that I have an amazing friend to share the experience. Connie. I am so glad we are friends.