Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life is Pretty Good

Howdy, y'all! Life is pretty good right now--not perfect, but very good. Things are really looking up. I am still out of a job, but I have two interviews this week! I am feeling pretty positive about them. Also, I have an amazing boyfriend who is the best thing to happen to me. I've felt so much joy and happiness being with him. He lives in South Carolina going to school and will come to visit me in two short weeks! He is amazing and I love him. Long distance will not keep us apart, especially with the wonderful technology of today. One click and boom! 

I still miss Taiwan something crazy and would love to go back someday! It is still my home! I miss the convenience and the ease of everything, but I am slowly adjusting to life here in the US. Took me long enough, that's for sure! Ha ha!

I am excited for a Taiwan reunion coming up after Christmas! That will be a real treat!

Happy holidays everyone and I hope you have the best time with friends and family! Much Love!

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