Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I can't believe it's been so long and then again, I can

Well, here is a blog. The last one was about a year ago in Taiwan. Now I am back in the US, living in Utah. My parents were living in CA before, but it is their dream to retire in UT. Go figure. I was excited to be able to move back here, although I miss Taiwan something awful! I am looking for a job here in Utah, but it's hard without a car. My one consolation is that I have many friends and family here in Utah. But now without a car, I feel very isolated. It is strange going from living in Taiwan, surrounded with many friends and easy ways to get around, to living here, where the bus only goes through (not around town) Springville 1-2 hours. Sheesh. I am actually have a really hard time. I hate this kind of time period where everything sucks and I am depressed. I wish I was in Taiwan, I really do. But for now, I am going to stick it out and try to make the best of it.


Connie said...

I hear you. It's a really, really, really hard transition. Not having transportation makes you feel even more cut-off than normal. But you're doing it & it does get easier. :) Or you just get used to the loneliness. idk.

Shan said...

I totally and completely hear you. I hate those moments of transition. But I can tell you, they do get better! Still sad I wasn't able to see you while you were up here!

Erin Shaw said...

Connie and Shannon, thank you both for your comments :)I really feel an abundance of support and love. I am blessed to have you in my life :) Things are looking up and I am taking life one day at a time. XOXO